How to use

How to use

1 - Menu

2 – Previous/next scene or beat button
Takes you to the previous/next scene or beat accordingly.

3 – Scene selection
(A scene is made up of 8 beats) Each figure is made up of a certain number of scenes. Selecting a scene takes you to the start of the selected scene.

4 – Beat selection
Selecting a beat takes you to the start of the selected beat.

5 – Play/Pause
Pauses or starts playback.

6 - Categories
Takes you to the categories list table, where you can browse different styles and packages.

7 - Tempo
There are two modes: 130 BPM/150 BPM When selected, the figure is in fast mode.

8 - View
Switch between back and front view.

9- Instructor
You can select the instructions by: Language: English, Spanish. Hungarian, Step mode: female, male. Speed: quick, slow

10 - Music
You can choose the desired background music, claves or beats.

11 - Description
When active, descriptions are visible on the bottom of the video. When in fullscreen mode, the toolbars overlay descriptions.

12 – My figure
Contains your downloaded figures.

13 – Favorites
In the favorites menu you can add the selected figure as a favorite or you can view your figure list. You can add up to eight figures as favorites. At the ninth selection the first one is overwritten.

14 – Loop button
When selected, the current scene is played looped.

15 - Facebook
You can share the current figure with your friends.

16 – Switch Fullscrene or normal mode

17 – Previous/next beat
Skips to the previous/next beat accordingly.

18 – Level chooser
You can select the desired learning level: (beginner, advanced, intermediate, master). You can then download a selected figure or view a sample of it.

Gestures on IOS: Pinch – switch to fullscreen or normal mode by pinching in/out. Single finger swipe left/right – Go to next/previous scene. Tap – Pauses or starts playback. Rotate – Switch between front/back view. Single finger swipe up/down – toggle the upper and lower toolbars. Double finger swipe up/down – Switch tempo up/down.