How to use

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Sample videos: - Sample videos can be watched only once!

The purchased and downloaded videos: -  your videos can be found on the "My figures" folder.


How can you buy the figures?

If you would like to buy the figures please log in! 
(if you would like a free videos too!)

You can buy figures:
- one by one
- more figeres in packages from “Packages” folder! 

Click on “price: (0.89 €) or “BUY" bottom.

If you click on “Free" bottom you can watch the figure in “My figures” folder immediately.

You can buy with bank, debit or credit card.

We use Paypall system.

Check detals of your buying after click the “Buy Now” bottom.

Please fellow the paypall.

All of your buying you can find in “My figueres” folder.


How to use.

1 - Menu

2 – Previous/next scene or beat button
Takes you to the previous/next scene or beat accordingly.

3 – Scene selection
(A scene is made up of 8 beats) Each figure is made up of a certain number of scenes. Selecting a scene takes you to the start of the selected scene.

4 – Beat selection
Selecting a beat takes you to the start of the selected beat.

5 – Play/Pause
Pauses or starts playback.

6 - Categories
Takes you to the categories list table, where you can browse different styles and packages.

7 - Tempo
There are two modes: 130 BPM/150 BPM When selected, the figure is in fast mode.

8 - View
Switch between back and front view.

9- Instructor
You can select the instructions by: Language: English, Spanish. Hungarian, Step mode: female, male. Speed: quick, slow

10 - Music
You can choose the desired background music, claves or beats.

11 - Description
When active, descriptions are visible on the bottom of the video. When in fullscreen mode, the toolbars overlay descriptions.

12 – My figure
Contains your downloaded figures.

13 – Favorites
In the favorites menu you can add the selected figure as a favorite or you can view your figure list. You can add up to eight figures as favorites. At the ninth selection the first one is overwritten.

14 – Loop button
When selected, the current scene is played looped.

15 - Facebook
You can share the current figure with your friends.

16 – Switch Fullscrene or normal mode

17 – Previous/next beat
Skips to the previous/next beat accordingly.

18 – Level chooser
You can select the desired learning level: (beginner, advanced, intermediate, master). You can then download a selected figure or view a sample of it.